Development, driven by tests

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  22-11-2016
Onderwerp: Development driven by tests  
Sometimes, the grammar of a language doesn’t really help you to focus on the important parts of a phrase. Take “Test Driven Development” for example. It starts with the word Test and ends with Development, while Development, as a noun, is the most important part of the phrase. In French, Test Driven Development is translated to “Développement piloté par les tests”. Here, we start with the noun and the adjective comes last.

Test Automation – Where to start?

Door: Pieter Versteijnen,  22-11-2016
Onderwerp: Test Automation  
In my previous blog I answered the question if you should do test automation. Well that answer was clear: YOU SHOULD! But then the next questions pop-up: “Where to start?”, “How?”

The first thing you need is knowledge about test automating. When you leave school or never invested time in learning how then start there. Attend a TDD training, watch videos, read blogs invest time to learn how unit testing works. But that’s not all, also invest time in stuff like clean coding and design patterns. At the end of this blog I will put in some links to books to read.

Continuous Delivery en alles automatiseren, een goed idee?

Wiger Middelkamp Door: Wiger Middelkamp,  22-11-2016
Onderwerp: Continuous Delivery  
De opkomst van nieuwe technieken en technologieën is bijna niet bij te houden. Zo zocht ik in de voorbereiding op deze blog op hoeveel Nederlanders een chip geïmplanteerd hebben. Het schijnt dat het afgelopen half jaar zoveel technologische ontwikkeling gaande is geweest, dat de impact daarvan groter zal zijn dan de afgelopen 20 jaar. Dit wordt met name onderbouwd doordat bestaande technologieën gecombineerd worden, zoals sensor technologie, biomechanica, kunstmatige intelligentie, etc.

Test Automation – Why should you?

Door: Pieter Versteijnen,  15-11-2016
Onderwerp: Test Automation  
After working in IT for several years and seeing the common pitfalls when building and releasing software I just wondered, what is your experience?
• Have you seen defects go back and forth between a test and development department?
• Have you seen a delivery go to production with lots of defects?
• Have you seen a delivery go to production with a lot of stress from the team or other departments?
• Have you experienced downtime during or after the release?
• Have you heard testers complain they cannot test everything on time?

Agile Scrum doesn’t exist

Door: Guus Verweij,  07-11-2016
Onderwerp: Agile Scrum  

Yesterday in our Agile Expert Program a colleague of my (Martijn Dehing) tripped over a post-it note with “Agile Scrum” written on it. I had not even noticed it anymore, so often I hear this two things glued together. But he was right to make a point of it. “Agile Scrum” doesn’t exist!

Agile is the container concept where a framework like Scrum is covered by.  So Scrum is always an Agile practise, but Agile doesn’t mean that it necessarily is Scrum. It could be XP, TDD, or any other Agile framework. It’s like:

Starting Fresh with Agile

Door: Wilbert Seele,  05-10-2016
Onderwerp: SAFe  LeSS  

Starting Fresh with Agile

I attended Scrum Day Europe 2016 last summer and had a great time. The talks were great and I was cured of a sudden case of the Zombie Scrum to boot! I began writing this article some time later, but due to circumstances it took me until now to finish.

Part of the program was an update from on what they’re working on, and a follow-up talk about Scrum Studio. This really resonated with me as it confirms something I’ve long suspected. Scrum Studio was born out of empirical observations of Agile transformations. The observation in question being that the transformation doesn’t happen. Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rule, but in general the finding has been that the running organization can’t change Larman’s Laws have been confirmed.

Readability matters

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  31-08-2016

If a non-developer looks at some source code on the screen of a developer, that source code will look like some random characters in all kinds of funny colors. They think that this is what makes programming hard. I think that this is also one of the reason why time and time again attempts are being taken to create visual tools to avoid having to manually write source code, like UML tools that generate code for you.

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