10 Best Practices for Managing the Product Backlog

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  20-11-2014
Onderwerp: Scrum  

Recently I facilitated a workshop between multiple Scrum teams in which we discussed the area of backlog management. The main purpose was to gather some best practices for managing the product backlog. With this blog post I will share the outcome of the session, hopefully they are useful to you, otherwise I gladly receive other best practices you might know.

Desired State Configuration - Elements of the configuration

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  17-11-2014
Onderwerp: DSC  Desired State Configuration  PowerShell  
DSC is a feature built into the Windows Operating System. It’s based on the standards like CIMS and WS-Management remote management offered by the operating system. With DSC you can move to a way of configuration management where you can create a script that defines how the state of the server should be instead of defining how to make the server in the desired state. That means, DSC is more of a declarative syntax than an imperative one. This makes DSC scripts/ configurations easy to understand and maintain by the operations.

Want success? Change your smell of the place!

Wouter van der Meer Door: Wouter van der Meer,  14-11-2014
Onderwerp: Smell of the place  

Implementing Scrum does not stop with implementing practices. Sometimes we underestimate that an Agile transition is a real organizational and cultural change which has a big impact on the employees of the company. What you see is that we expect from the people within the organization that they will also change alongside the organizational change. But it will not happen overnight.

A while back I was confronted with a movie from a speech from professor Sumantra Ghoshal called ‘The Smell of the Place’. In this speech he explains that the context in which he is in has a huge impact on his behavior. He uses the example that when he is in downtown Calcutta in summer he is always tired and lazy but when he walks in Fontainebleau forest in springtime he is energized and feels like running.

Hoe word je een geweldige Scrum Master?

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  12-11-2014
Onderwerp: Scrum Master  Scrum Master Advanced  training  

"Gefeliciteerd met het behalen van het Professional Scrum Master Assessment! U heeft gedemonstreerd te beschikken over de fundamentele kennis van de rol van Professional Scrum Master en de principes van het Scrum Framework te beheersen zoals deze beschreven worden in de Scrum Guide."

Elke dag verschijnt dit bericht in meerdere mailboxen om nieuwe Scrum Masters te feliciteren met hun behaalde certificaat. Zij hebben bewezen fundamentele kennis van het Scrum Framework te hebben. Het moeilijkste gedeelte moet echter nog komen; het toepassen van de verkregen kennis in echte projecten, gecombineerd met hun eigen dagelijkse problemen, hoge verwachtingen en ogenschijnlijk harde deadlines.

Desired State Configuration - Introduction to CIM

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  03-11-2014
Onderwerp: CIM  Common Information Model  Desired state configruation  DSC  PowerShell  Windows Remote Management  
PowerShell 4.0 introduces desired state configuration (DSC), a powerful new feature that makes it easier than ever to manage your Windows infrastructure, whether on premise or in the cloud. DSC is built on the Common Information Model (CIM) standard developed by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) and uses Windows Remote Management (WinRM) technology as a communication mechanism. In this post we will look at what Windows Remote Management is and how it is used in the Windows OS world to enable standards-based management. In the upcoming posts I'll explain how CIM cmdlets in PowerShell use WinRM to work with management data from remote systems and the role of DSC in managing remote machines.

Is Scrum an Asperger’s Friend or Foe?

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  22-10-2014
Onderwerp: scrum  
The subject of this blog post might seem unusual. But having worked with multiple development teams, I've gained some experience with team members having (symptoms) of Asperger's. I mostly contributed to the team as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach. The combination of Scrum and Asperger's hereby always had my interest. With this blog post I want to share some of my thoughts. But beware: I'm certainly no expert in Asperger's and haven't got any in-depth knowledge about it. See this blog post as an invitation for conversation where my findings can be used as a starting point.

Are your meetings boring and unproductive? Not with some Lean Coffee!

Martijn van Asseldonk Door: Martijn van Asseldonk,  17-10-2014
Onderwerp: Lean  

You want to have structured meetings. You also want meetings to be effective and to fulfill the needs of the attendants. And last, but not least, you do not want them to drag on. But how do you do this? Simple: use the Lean Coffee format.

Holding a good meeting is not easy. As the organizer of a meeting, we are often only focused on getting our own goals met. We start the meeting, but then one of the attendees raises a point and before you know it, the whole meeting is taken into another direction. Half of the attendants mentally wander off, while one colleague keeps talking about some unimportant topic. Sounds familiar?

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