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Automating your Azure infrastructure with Runbook management

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  28-01-2015
Onderwerp: Azure  Automation  Runbook  

With Azure automation, it’s now very easy to automate all your long running manual tasks that are repetitively executed in the Azure infrastructure with the help of PowerShell workflows that results in less errors in a better managed way. You can automate the creation, monitoring, deployment, and maintenance of resources in your Azure environment using the Azure Automation solution for Azure. Read more..

Scrum: A Five-Headed Meeting Monster?

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  25-01-2015
Onderwerp: Scrum  Culture  

When Scrum is introduced in a company, most of the time, the development team embraces it with lots of enthusiasm. Scrum embodies self-organizing, autonomous, multidisciplinary teams that acknowledges individual qualities and reinforces the strengths of the team as a whole. Who doesn't want to be part of a Scrum team?

Quite often however, after the Scrum honeymoon period, I start to hear comments like:

  • "Since the introduction of Scrum, all I do is attend meetings. I didn't become a developer to attend meetings all day long."
  • "With Scrum I hoped we would get a team culture, but instead it feels more like a meeting culture."
  • "I thought Scrum meetings we're time boxed, but for example our daily Scrum takes at least 30 minutes and afterwards we still don't have a solid plan as a team."

Creating a unit testing framework for PowerShell - Part 6

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  21-01-2015
Onderwerp: PowerShell  unit testing  TDD  

The authorization manager helps control the execution of commands for the runspace. When you try to execute a PowerShell script from C#, and haven’t changed PowerShell’s default execution policy, the scripts that are executed under the execution policy set on the machine. If you want the tests executed from C# to bypass the default security policy, then you need to either use a null AuthorizationManager implementation for the runspace or create a custom implementation of the AuthorizationManager and override the policy based on any condition you have. Deriving from the AuthorizationManager class allows you to override the ShouldRun method and add the logic specific to your needs like set up a reason parameter with a custom execption with proper explanation and  details on why this command was blocked etc. Read more..

Making optimal use of JIRA Agile

Bas van Lieshout Door: Bas van Lieshout,  21-01-2015
Onderwerp: Scrum  Backlog Management  Tooling  

Many organizations choose to use an online tool to support their Agile development. The advantages are clear: it can be accessed from everywhere, and it can link many pieces of relevant information, from the origin of an idea to the committed code and the tests. Monitors on the wall can easily make the status of the sprint transparent, displaying burndown charts or the sprint board.

I do agree with the Agile value to favor "individuals and interactions" over "processes and tools". But a good configuration of your tools can be very beneficial to your effectiveness.