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Is Scrum an Asperger’s Friend or Foe?

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  22-10-2014
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The subject of this blog post might seem unusual. But having worked with multiple development teams, I've gained some experience with team members having (symptoms) of Asperger's. I mostly contributed to the team as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach. The combination of Scrum and Asperger's hereby always had my interest. With this blog post I want to share some of my thoughts. But beware: I'm certainly no expert in Asperger's and haven't got any in-depth knowledge about it. See this blog post as an invitation for conversation where my findings can be used as a starting point.

Are your meetings boring and unproductive? Not with some Lean Coffee!

Martijn van Asseldonk Door: Martijn van Asseldonk,  17-10-2014
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You want to have structured meetings. You also want meetings to be effective and to fulfill the needs of the attendants. And last, but not least, you do not want them to drag on. But how do you do this? Simple: use the Lean Coffee format.

Holding a good meeting is not easy. As the organizer of a meeting, we are often only focused on getting our own goals met. We start the meeting, but then one of the attendees raises a point and before you know it, the whole meeting is taken into another direction. Half of the attendants mentally wander off, while one colleague keeps talking about some unimportant topic. Sounds familiar?

Agile Contracts - 6 Best Practices to Kick Start Your Scrum Team

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  10-10-2014
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Agile contracting is a broad subject that can be approached from several perspectives with different types of contract. This blog post is written from my own experiences working for a web agency as a supplier. This is also the perspective I use. The customer is an external client desiring support for a software development project.

One of the values of the Agile manifesto is "customer collaboration over contract negotiation". It states the customer/supplier relationship should be an effective partnership where the contract supports the Agile mindset. Adapting to new insights and processing gained knowledge should be possible after a healthy discussion between all the stakeholders. Responding to change is supported by a lightweight contract that only contains the necessary agreements about the cooperation between the customer and supplier.

In reality however, contract negotiation can be slightly more difficult. When the customer has a great idea that he liked to see fulfilled, enthusiasm is high and the possibilities are endless. We only have to agree upon the contract...

Continuous Deployment - Remote execution of PowerShell scripts from your build process

Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  29-09-2014
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Including Windows PowerShell script as part of your build and deployment process, brings you the flexibility of easily and effectively customize your packaging and deployment process. With the proper combination of environment configuration files (XML) and PowerShell scripts you can achieve the impossible. This post will show you how to run Windows PowerShell scripts remotely from a TFS build process.

Using CredSSP for second-hop remoting
One common issue with PowerShell remoting is the “double hop” problem. When the scripts are executed remotely on a Server A and then it tries to connect from Server A to Server B, the second connection fails to send the credentials to that server. As a result the second server fails to authenticate the request and rejects the connection. To get around this issue you need to use the CredSSP authentication mechanism in PowerShell.