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We can’t do Continuous Delivery because we use -Insert product/technology here-

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  16-07-2014
Onderwerp: Continous Delivery  

I often hear people say they really would like to do Continuous Delivery, but it is impossible because they use a certain product or technology. For example: instead of having a custom developed Java or .NET application, they use an off-the-shelf product for which they receive updates every x months and only configure it. While it is true that most examples for can find on Continuous Delivery use custom developed applications using Java,.NET or any other framework, it doesn’t mean you can’t do CD with other technologies. Even with off-the-shelf software that is only released every couple of months, you can do Continuous Delivery and get the benefits from it.

The Daily Goal

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  14-07-2014
Onderwerp: Agile Teams  Craftsmanship  High Performing Teams  Scrum  Scrum Teams  

The daily scrum is the most used scrum meeting. This sounds obvious because it occurs every day. But it's also the first practice organisations and teams apply when starting with scrum. 

Although the daily scrum is a very straightforward meeting with a clear structure and can be practiced daily, many teams fail to extract the potential value it offers. It is used merely as a status update meeting, performed mechanically and resulting in incoherent and ambiguous individual plans. 

This is a shame, because a well-performed daily scrum should be energizing, inspiring and result in a shared refined daily plan that is created and supported by the entire team.

If your daily scrum has become unfocused, practiced mechanically and is an energy-drainer; using the best practice of a daily goal is a great solution!

De wedstrijd verliezen

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  10-07-2014

Woensdag 9 juli hebben we helaas de halve finale tegen Argentinië verloren! Ondanks deze teleurstelling kunnen we denk ik veel leren van Louis van Gaal. Hij is een meester in het scherp zetten van de doelstelling en het uitdenken van strategie en tactiek. Veel managers en leiders kunnen hier van leren! Hoe kunt u heel zakelijk de focus houden op het doel en tegelijkertijd heel invoelend en inlevend zijn naar de mensen die het gaan realiseren?

How to make your customer successful

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  10-07-2014
Onderwerp: Validated value  

Of course you want to make your customer successful. But how do you know you made him successful? How do you know you really delivered value the past months. And when you know what did made your customer more successful, how can you make him even more successful.