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Agile werken? Niets voor mij….

Niels Opdam Door: Niels Opdam,  24-04-2017
Onderwerp: Agile  

Ben je nog niet overtuigd van de toegevoegde waarde van Agile werken?  Of heb je inmiddels de eerste stap gezet en kun je wel wat hulp kan gebruiken? In dit artikel neem ik je kort mee in de impact van Agile werken op je organisatie.

A P.O. Perspective on the Definition of Scrum

Sjoerd Kranendonk Door: Sjoerd Kranendonk,  24-04-2017
Onderwerp: Scrum  

In this series I aim to put a Product Owner perspective to the elements of the Scrum Guide. Where else can we start then at the definition? We’ll discover the most important elements for a Product Owner and what they mean in practice.

Product Backlog Management like a boss!

Willem Vermaak Door: Willem Vermaak,  18-04-2017
Onderwerp: Product Backlog Management  

During Scrum2017 I hosted a workshop about Product Backlog Management. It seems people are eager to learn about it, since it was fully booked!

We had a great session in where I shared a lot of information (perhaps a bit too much), and also received a lot of great feedback and input from the audience. At the beginning of the workshop, I shared my personal vision: "Create, develop, train and coach the best possible Product Owners".

Building a team manifesto with ‘That guy, this guy’

Rosanne Bal Door: Rosanne Bal,  10-04-2017
Onderwerp: Agile Teams  

Every time a new team is formed, it takes time to grow from a group of people to a well-functioning team. In their journey to become a high-performing team, they need a shared understanding of the principles and values of each individual and the team. The most important principles and values can be summarized in a team manifesto, a social contract among the team members. A team manifesto is always built by the team itself. It contains a set of norms, values and behaviors that forms a solid ground for collaboration within the team.

With every team I coach, one of the first things we do is building a team manifesto. Recently, I did this by using the Retrospective format ‘That guy, this guy’. The results were great! Therefore, I would like to share this workshop format with you.