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Onderwerp: Definition of Done

The 4 most successful ways to let test automation FAIL

Marco Kroonwijk Door: Marco Kroonwijk,  08-09-2015
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So … your organization has just decided to embark on a test automation journey. You are going to automate all your manual regression testing efforts with this magnificent automation tool that drives your application. It tests just like any manual tester would do, but without the lag of the actual human normally associated with the task. The tool vendor demoed a way to record the test activities and replay them automagically to the management team, and they are all excited about the ease of use (and potential cost reduction).

A few months later, reality has kicked-in. Your test automation project has come to a grinding halt. What happened? 

Are we there yet?

Martijn van Asseldonk Door: Martijn van Asseldonk,  12-12-2014
Onderwerp: Definition of Done  

Image:Are we there yet? I see teams struggle with the application of the Definition of Done (DoD). They want to have a clear and sharp DoD that defines a truly shippable increment. But often they cannot fulfil this agreement on their own. They are part of value stream and cannot deliver end-to-end functionality on their own. A team is for instance dependent on other teams to perform integration testing.

At the end of every sprint, only a small part of their stories comply with the definition of done, resulting in a flat burn-down and a velocity that is way of the mark. Then every now and then, when the teams they depend on do their part, a lot of near done stories are finished and velocity triples.