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Onderwerp: Agile Contacts

Agile Contracts - 6 Best Practices to Kick Start Your Scrum Team

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  10-10-2014
Onderwerp: Agile Contacts  

Agile contracting is a broad subject that can be approached from several perspectives with different types of contract. This blog post is written from my own experiences working for a web agency as a supplier. This is also the perspective I use. The customer is an external client desiring support for a software development project.

One of the values of the Agile manifesto is "customer collaboration over contract negotiation". It states the customer/supplier relationship should be an effective partnership where the contract supports the Agile mindset. Adapting to new insights and processing gained knowledge should be possible after a healthy discussion between all the stakeholders. Responding to change is supported by a lightweight contract that only contains the necessary agreements about the cooperation between the customer and supplier.

In reality however, contract negotiation can be slightly more difficult. When the customer has a great idea that he liked to see fulfilled, enthusiasm is high and the possibilities are endless. We only have to agree upon the contract...