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The Agile Transition Stand-off

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  16-12-2014
Onderwerp: Agile Management   

If you are about to start changing your organisation to become more Agile or if you are right in the middle of an Agile transition, you should read this story! It might prevent you from making an expensive mistake.

Traditional Organisations

Let me paint a picture of how organisations used to operate. There is a (project)manager and this manager has a couple of resources (usually people) to his disposal which he tells what to do. This has been the case for decades. Everytime I enter an organisation, I am shocked to see how effective organisations can be in demoralising and reprogramming these highly educated people. Efficiently punished with stick and highly motivated by carrots to perform the tasks assigned by the manager.

However, nowadays these ‘resources’ are highly educated and fully trained to be capable of bringing something extra into an organisation. And this is where it is starting to get painful. Often these people completely forget who is paying their paycheck. It’s (and this might surprise you) not the manager! It’s the customer! This is usually the state of the people in an organisation I am hired to help. I see people so focussed on doing what they are being told that they are almost willing to fight not to change anything. Luckily more and more managers and executives see that this is no longer sustainable to survive as an organisation. This way of working is actually putting their organization at risk of being run over by small, fast and agile organisations.

Groups & Scrum: Setting goals

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  23-04-2014
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 “To win, you’re dependent on others. To improve, you depend on yourself!”

Last week, I had a very interesting session with some fellow coaches on how to assess an organizational department who has started the transition to Agile a few months back. From that moment we started measuring some boundary conditions. Those things you really need to have in place to enable a faster adoption of Scrum and preparing the path towards agility.