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5 urgent reasons to embrace Business Agility

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  14-02-2015
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Searching for easy, flexible ways to unlock growth? Tired of endless meetings and e-mails all about internal process? Is your competitor more flexible, innovative and just one step ahead of you? Business Agility is a lightweight mindset that will empower synergy between marketing, sales and support employees. Unlike more process, managers, checklists and meetings; Business Agility is about small, empowered, cross-functional teams with one very smart goal, called Squads. These Squads have a lot of freedom and ownership to increase the customer experience and their success. They are on a mission to make their customers continuously more successful by continuously improving their products and services. After explaining what it is, I’ll give you 5 urgent reasons to start with Business Agility.

An Agile mindset in a marketing company

Dave Woertman Door: Dave Woertman,  01-08-2014
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When we talk about Agile, we mostly talk about companies that deliver IT products to real customers. We tell these companies to keep on focusing on the products and tell them to gather feedback from real customers by delivering the product faster. But what if you don’t have a product-oriented company? What if you do not have direct customer contact? What if you are running a company that creates creative products as part of a marketing campaign, together with other companies? Which Agile techniques can you use in a marketing company, and which techniques can’t you use? An overview …..

The seven habits of highly effective Teams

Emiel van den Berg Door: Emiel van den Berg,  24-06-2014
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I recently started working for Prowareness, during the application period I was asked to give a presentation about myself. Now, this is one of those moments to sit back and think about yourself. How do I present myself in one or two slides. What is really typical me? What do I believe in? What am I passionate about? One of the slides I made depicted my personal bookshelf because I believe that the books you read (and like!) tell a lot about you.