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Onderwerp: Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum doesn’t exist

Guus Verweij Door: Guus Verweij,  07-11-2016
Onderwerp: Agile Scrum  

Yesterday in our Agile Expert Program a colleague of my (Martijn Dehing) tripped over a post-it note with “Agile Scrum” written on it. I had not even noticed it anymore, so often I hear this two things glued together. But he was right to make a point of it. “Agile Scrum” doesn’t exist!

Agile is the container concept where a framework like Scrum is covered by.  So Scrum is always an Agile practise, but Agile doesn’t mean that it necessarily is Scrum. It could be XP, TDD, or any other Agile framework. It’s like: