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Modern programming languages - bloated or powerful?

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  17-03-2017
Onderwerp: Code quality  

On March 7, 2017, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 and with that support for the seventh version of the C# programming language. C# 7.0 adds support all kinds of new features including Value Tuples, Pattern Matching and Nested Local Functions. With each new version, the language keeps growing with new features. Since it's conception 16 years ago features were added for functional programming, parallelism, asynchronous programming and more.

C# of course isn’t the only language that offers a broad range of functionality to developers. Most modern languages used today offer developers a lot of functionality. One could argue that, while these new features provide value, it becomes harder and harder to know, understand and apply the full potential of a programming language. You also often don’t need all functionality. Therefore, one could say the languages are bloated and it might be better to keep a language simple and concise.