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The 4 most successful ways to let test automation FAIL

Marco Kroonwijk Door: Marco Kroonwijk,  08-09-2015
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So … your organization has just decided to embark on a test automation journey. You are going to automate all your manual regression testing efforts with this magnificent automation tool that drives your application. It tests just like any manual tester would do, but without the lag of the actual human normally associated with the task. The tool vendor demoed a way to record the test activities and replay them automagically to the management team, and they are all excited about the ease of use (and potential cost reduction).

A few months later, reality has kicked-in. Your test automation project has come to a grinding halt. What happened? 

CD tips - Create a custom activity to execute PowerShell scripts in the TFS build process

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  24-09-2014
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PowerShell is a powerful scripting language which can be used to customize the behavior of your package deployments. With PowerShell you can add powerful scripting to your build to for example execute a deployment process.
With TFS 2013 hooking up a PowerShell script in the build process is provided out of the box. There are pre- and post-build as well as pre- and post-test hooks. These make customizing build a whole lot easier.

We can’t do Continuous Delivery because we use -Insert product/technology here-

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  16-07-2014
Onderwerp: Continous Delivery  

I often hear people say they really would like to do Continuous Delivery, but it is impossible because they use a certain product or technology. For example: instead of having a custom developed Java or .NET application, they use an off-the-shelf product for which they receive updates every x months and only configure it. While it is true that most examples for can find on Continuous Delivery use custom developed applications using Java,.NET or any other framework, it doesn’t mean you can’t do CD with other technologies. Even with off-the-shelf software that is only released every couple of months, you can do Continuous Delivery and get the benefits from it.

Continuous Delivery in a Nutshell

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  02-12-2013
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What is it?

Continuous Delivery is a software development practice where you make sure that your application is ready to be deployed to production at any time. You’re not only making sure that when a developer commits a change is, it is correctly integrated by building and unit testing your application (Continuous Integration). You’re also making sure that your application is always ready to be deployed by running automated UI and/or acceptance tests on it and testing the release process itself.