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The Power of the Edge Theory

Guus Verweij Door: Guus Verweij,  16-02-2017
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The team I’m coaching at this moment is a distributed team over Holland and England and have just started to work with Scrum. They have put up a sequence to meet each other every month face-to-face to develop as a team. In January they had their first regular get together in Utrecht.

The seven habits of highly effective Teams

Emiel van den Berg Door: Emiel van den Berg,  24-06-2014
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I recently started working for Prowareness, during the application period I was asked to give a presentation about myself. Now, this is one of those moments to sit back and think about yourself. How do I present myself in one or two slides. What is really typical me? What do I believe in? What am I passionate about? One of the slides I made depicted my personal bookshelf because I believe that the books you read (and like!) tell a lot about you.