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Agile Marketing - Why considering the adaption of IT management frameworks?

Annika Wetzko Door: Annika Wetzko,  09-12-2016
Onderwerp: Agile Marketing  IT framework  

- Within the series of articles I am going to help you understand the Agile Mindset and start your Agile journey. -

Why considering the adaption of IT management frameworks can boost your way of working.

Are you a marketeer or a software developer? If your are doubting, then you probably are on the right track already. Because, I state that one cannot and should not distinquish between the two of them anymore.

Since some years now, as an Agile Coach and Change Consultant, I gain insights in diverse startups and smaller companies as well as in startup and innovation movements of the corporate world - new technologie as well as new approaches being developed out of it.
In my work, I am delighted to be able to experiment with different approaches like concepts of marketing and IT software develepment and many more.

One of the movements which attracted my attention is the melting of Marketing and IT development.
Interesting, isn't it?!