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Starting Fresh with Agile

Wilbert Seele Door: Wilbert Seele,  05-10-2016
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Starting Fresh with Agile

I attended Scrum Day Europe 2016 last summer and had a great time. The talks were great and I was cured of a sudden case of the Zombie Scrum to boot! I began writing this article some time later, but due to circumstances it took me until now to finish.

Part of the program was an update from on what they’re working on, and a follow-up talk about Scrum Studio. This really resonated with me as it confirms something I’ve long suspected. Scrum Studio was born out of empirical observations of Agile transformations. The observation in question being that the transformation doesn’t happen. Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rule, but in general the finding has been that the running organization can’t change Larman’s Laws have been confirmed.