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Is Your Scrum Team a Set of Pawns or Players?

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  23-09-2015
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Update 23-9: my colleague Wiger Middelkamp gave me some feedback, this resulted in adding the third lesson learned. 

Previous week I used the Spotify Squad Health Check model to assess a teams situation and condition. One of the cards the game contained caused quite a lot of discussing during the retrospective and also gave me some thoughts afterwards, namely:

Pawns or Players

Is Your Team a Set of Players?
We are in control of our own destiny! We decide what to build and how to build it.

Or is Your Team a Set of Pawns?
We are just pawns in a game of chess with no influence over what we build or how we build it.

Most of the teams I work with want to be a 'player', but how do you become such a team? In this blog post I've shared the three most important lessons I've learned. The team I have in mind is a Scrum team. This includes the Scrum Master, Product Owner and the Development Team.