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Why I Don’t Like Chief Product Owners

Wilbert Seele Door: Wilbert Seele,  24-02-2017
Onderwerp: SAFe  Product Owner  Management  

One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to teach people cool things about working Agile, both at the team level and all the way up to large programs, value streams and even portfolios, using SAFe. A common concern which often comes up during trainings and implementations are the new functions specified in the Scaled Agile Framework, especially what they’re called. Sometimes this is because the new function doesn’t exist yet in the organizational setup, like Release Train Engineer or System team, and sometimes because the name is already taken, like Product Manager. So here’s a question that may sound familiar when talking about the SAFe Product Manager:

Team Trust Canvas

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  16-11-2015
Onderwerp: Team  Management  

When starting a team you run into a variety of challenges. In an earlier blog series I stated that a group of people doesn’t make them a team. How do you create a team? Where do you start and do the same practices apply for a new management team? In this blog I will share with you an alternative to the often used Team Manifesto. Using this technique will get even a management team into a better, more clear and positive collaborative state.

Seeding and Cultivating Agile Champions

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  21-09-2015
Onderwerp: Agile  Management  

This morning I read the interesting article 'The Agile Manager's Practice: Seeding and Cultivating Agile Champions' by Michael Hamman. It describes how growing and cultivating Agile Champions is a key practice of designing the desired environments. Michael emphasizes that it's about cultivating conditions in which agile practices can flourish.

My intention was to share some of the highlights of this article, but as a result I almost copied it as a whole... However, please check the original article for the entire context.