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Management High Five

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  01-04-2014
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When I was a manager, I was trying to create a culture of continuous improvements and innovation. This often was a hard job. Keeping the balance between business as usual and making time for improvements and innovation is difficult. Over the past months I did an interesting discovery that I would like to share. It took me quite some time before I really understood it. I hope you can understand it much quicker than I did!

Groups & Scrum: Knowledge Sharing

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  20-03-2014
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This is the third post in the blog series on groups and Scrum. In previous posts we determined what a group is [link].  and what the benefits can be. We also looked into one of the biggest disadvantages and risks of working in groups and how to overcome these [link]. This post will cover one of the main purposes of having groups: Sharing Knowledge! Knowledge sharing has been around for centuries. For example, parents transferring knowledge to their children, or workers exchanging best practices. In traditional models of education, copying the knowledge and experience of a fellow classmate was generally considered a bad thing. However, nowadays in the ‘new economy’, the re-use of a colleague’s knowledge and experience is considered necessary in order to survive.

Jouw stip op de horizon

Stephanie Kea Door: Stephanie Kea,  03-05-2013
Onderwerp: Motivatie  

Als sales, als consultant, maar ook als recruiter moet je commercieel zijn, resultaat willen halen en keihard kunnen en willen werken. Maar hoe hou je het nu vol om je voor de volledige 100% in te zetten en daardoor je resultaten te behalen, ondanks tegenslagen? Vind je eigen stip op de horizon!
En hoe doe je dat dan?