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My Favorite Continuous Delivery Tools - Part I: Ansible (configuration management)

Maarten Kossen Door: Maarten Kossen,  23-03-2015
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In this series of blog posts I will share my favorite Continuous Delivery tools with you. For each of these tools I will highlight why it is useful and in which part of the Continuous Delivery chain it can be used. During this series I will cover the following tools:

  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • TeamCity
  • Git

The problem

Managing a single server is quite easy. You just install the software you need and configure it as you see fit, no harm done and not a pain to maintain. When adding a second server to your setup you get a little challenge. You want it to be identical to the first server and you start copy-pasting config files around after having installed the same software. Then you add the third server...

As you may notice, the above solution doesn't scale well (among some other issues). It especially doesn't scale well in a business or an enterprise environment where you don't just have "a server" or "a configuration" but you have multiple clusters or servers each with their own configuration. Managing, and keeping homogenous, multiple database servers (for example) can become a tedious task. For these situations, you need a tool to work with all these servers. Not only to set them up (install software and apply a configuration), but also to update them (both software updates and configuration updates) as well as keeping them homogenous (ensuring they all have identical software installed and an identical configuration).

Luckily, there are solutions for this problem. I'm going to show you my favorite one in this blog post: Ansible.

Technical Agile Coach

Door: Marco Kroonwijk ,  23-02-2015
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A while ago, I started working at Prowareness, and as new employees we choose our own role title best fitting our experience, skills, ambition and passion. I chose the title of Technical Agile Coach, without really having defined what it actually is. It just felt right!

However, occasionally, people ask me what a technical coach does and what the difference is with “other” Agile Coach titles. So here’s what that answer is, for me.