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Why I Don’t Like Chief Product Owners

Wilbert Seele Door: Wilbert Seele,  24-02-2017
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One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to teach people cool things about working Agile, both at the team level and all the way up to large programs, value streams and even portfolios, using SAFe. A common concern which often comes up during trainings and implementations are the new functions specified in the Scaled Agile Framework, especially what they’re called. Sometimes this is because the new function doesn’t exist yet in the organizational setup, like Release Train Engineer or System team, and sometimes because the name is already taken, like Product Manager. So here’s a question that may sound familiar when talking about the SAFe Product Manager:

Coaching Product Owners when working as a contractor Scrum Team - P.O. Podcast #1 - Kai Stevens

Sjoerd Kranendonk Door: Sjoerd Kranendonk,  19-12-2016
Onderwerp: Product Owner  

Kai Stevens works for Enrise as a client Product Owner Coach.  Since Enrise builds software for various clients from different backgrounds, it is paramount that the value steering is done with the right business insights. However, the 'client' Product Owners are often new to Scrum and what their role entails, so even if they know all about what's valuable to their business, they often don’t know yet how to fulfill their new role. Which is where Kai comes in.

Characteristics of a Great Product Owner

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  19-06-2015
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During a recent Product Owner training I gave the participants the assignment to complete the sentence "A great Product Owner..." The result was a nice overview of characteristics, skills and conditions necessary to fulfill this role in a great manner. In this blog post I'll share the result, completed with a short explanation and some more ideas of my own.

The Introvert Product Owner

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  19-05-2015
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The second day of my Professional Scrum Master training we do a recap of the Scrum Framework, where one of the questions is: What characterises does a good product owner have?Quite often people state that a good product owner is extravert. Which may sound logical but in fact is not always the case. Raising the question: Can a good product owner be introvert?

Product Owner on a holiday!

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  30-03-2015
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As a Product Owner you have one of the most challenging roles in the Scrum Framework. However, even Product Owners have a right to go on a holiday. I meet a lot of Product Owners, Development teams and managers in distress when they find out the Product Owner will not be available for the next sprint(s). Or even worst, the Product Owner is ill. The solution is surprisingly simple.

Ideally, as a Product Owner, you would like to have a couple of sprint of ‘ready’ work on the product backlog so in case you get ill or go on a holiday the development team can continue working and does not come to a complete stop. This practice covers the part where the team can still start a new sprint while you are absent. But how does it work when completing items on the sprint backlog. Who will accept these or is able to make choices on dropping items from the sprint backlog (if necessary)? Yes, ideally this is something the product owner is involved in. But when the product owner is not there the Scrum team needs to figure out another way how to handle this.

Valuecracy - let Validated Value steer your organization

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  13-02-2014
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Bureaucracy, adhocracy, democracy or holacracy? What is the best way to improve the value delivered to your customers? How can you get feedback so you can improve on it? I’ve searched for a long time for a proper way to lead an organization to improve the value really delivered to their customers. Everybody knows that a higher value increases revenue and sustainability of organizations. Valuecracy is of course not an official word (yet) but it sets the focus of an organization externally, it sets the mindset towards the customers. I’ll explain it in more detail below. Let’s brainstorm together on the best way to lead an organization! Give me feedback (by email, by leaving remarks, by hitting the twitter buttons) and I will improve this article with your valuable feedback! If this happens, it’s a proof that Valuecracy works!

Use usage statistics to validate value

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  04-12-2013
Onderwerp: Product Owner  Lean  agile  

Do you know which features are used the most often by your end users? Do your know how much time they spend using your application and what takes up the most time? If not, collecting usage statistics can help you answer these questions and makes better choices on which feature you want to spend your money.

Sinterklaas en zijn Pieten, het beste Scrum team ooit

Door: Wiger Middelkamp en Michiel Vrasdonk,  18-10-2013
Onderwerp: Agile  Scrum  Product owner  

Er zijn veel verschillende manieren om uit te leggen hoe Scrum werkt. Vaak gaat dat gepaard met een mooi plaatje waar iets in staat over rollen, meetings, artifacts en states.
Maar hoe vertel je iemand nou het makkelijkst wat de waarde van Scrum is? Lees onderstaande en gebruik het om mensen de waarde van Scrum te kunnen uitleggen.

Transparency….makes it hard to lie

Stephan van Rooden Door: Stephan van Rooden,  14-10-2013
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A few days ago, I had a great day where I did some ‘magic estimation’ with two teams. In 15 minutes they created an initial estimation of the entire product backlog. This was an exciting moment for the Product Owners. They already know they have a budget for 14 sprints. Is it possible to do everything they want in only 14 sprints, while the team already is in their fourth sprint?

Brainstorm with stakeholders about small releases

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  11-10-2013
Onderwerp: storymapping  Product Owner  

How can you easily brainstorm with stakeholders? How can you let the stakeholders decide mostly what comes in the next release? How can you make these releases very small? Because very small next releases shortens the feedback from real customers

This blog will explain an easy method to answer the above questions. There are many more methods, but lets have a look at an easy one. The basic idea is that you (as a Product Owner) organize a brainstorm meeting with the most important stakeholders. For example, you want to brainstorm about a website to order fries, pizza and sandwiches at a snack bar.

Controle is beter dan vertrouwen… Toch?

Wiger Middelkamp Door: Wiger Middelkamp,  16-08-2013
Onderwerp: Agile  Scrum  Product Owner  

”Scrum is extreem makkelijk uit te leggen, maar extreem moeilijk om toe te passen.” Deze uitspraak komt van Jeff Sutherland, één van de geestelijk vaders van Scrum. Hoe zit dat dan precies? En klopt de uitspraak van Jeff wel? Deze blog gaat in op één van de aspecten die product ownership zo moeilijk maakt: loslaten.