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Using the SPImport events to control SharePoint content import process

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  18-09-2014
Onderwerp: SharePoint  PowerShell  SPImport  

The SPImport class in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment namespace participates with other classes in the Deployment namespace to support importing, publishing, and migrating Windows SharePoint content, as well as supporting restore capabilities of content.

You can initiate an import operation by first initializing an instance of the Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPImportSettings class with the required import settings, and then passing the SPImportSettings object to the constructor of SPImport class; you then call the SPImport.Run method. The SPImport type exposes events that can be used to control the process of import. You can utilize the event model in PowerShell to register the events and then make use of this information to control the complete process of importing and exporting SharePoint content. Below is the PowerShell snippet to use the Error event and use the data to fail the execution process after an Import is performed.

Exporting and importing content types using PowerShell

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  18-09-2014
Onderwerp: SharePoint  PowerShell  

SharePoint stores the definition schema of content types in an XML file that creates a content type in the element manifest file of a Feature. You can use the information present in the SchemaXML of a content type to migrate it between site collections using PowerShell.

Extending SharePoint 2013 search - Intro architecture and components

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  10-06-2014
Onderwerp: SharePoint 2013  SharePoint Search  Search Service Application  SharePoint  

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new improved version  of search that is different from the previous versions of SharePoint. The SharePoint search and FAST search has been combined into a single search platform. Instead of the different versions of search like WSS search, foundation etc., in 2013 there is only foundation search and SharePoint server search. Along with these there are lot more new components and topology changes to the search architecture of SharePoint 2013 search. The Search architecture in SharePoint 2013 includes now components for crawling, indexing content, administration and executing search queries.