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Onderwerp: Smell of the place

Want success? Change your smell of the place!

Wouter van der Meer Door: Wouter van der Meer,  14-11-2014
Onderwerp: Smell of the place  

Implementing Scrum does not stop with implementing practices. Sometimes we underestimate that an Agile transition is a real organizational and cultural change which has a big impact on the employees of the company. What you see is that we expect from the people within the organization that they will also change alongside the organizational change. But it will not happen overnight.

A while back I was confronted with a movie from a speech from professor Sumantra Ghoshal called ‘The Smell of the Place’. In this speech he explains that the context in which he is in has a huge impact on his behavior. He uses the example that when he is in downtown Calcutta in summer he is always tired and lazy but when he walks in Fontainebleau forest in springtime he is energized and feels like running.