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Onderwerp: Validated value

How to make your customer successful

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  10-07-2014
Onderwerp: Validated value  

Of course you want to make your customer successful. But how do you know you made him successful? How do you know you really delivered value the past months. And when you know what did made your customer more successful, how can you make him even more successful.

Validated Value – continuously improve your impact

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  08-04-2014
Onderwerp: Validated value  Retrospectives  

Process like Scrum, Kanban, ITIL and Waterfall all describe the steps from idea until delivery to the customers, or from requirement, bug, wish or problem until potentially releasable to customers. They all describe how to deliver value. Which is good, but not good enough.

The only problem is that the real power of Agile isn’t in increasing the value. The real power of Agile is in maximizing the things not done and maximizing the impact. So how can we maximize our impact continuously? Because many process don’t look beyond the output step, we aren’t focusing on validating the value we’ve delivered, on the impact we have at our customers. How can we learn from the things we’ve created and delivered in such a way that our next delivery to our customers is even better? How can we validate our delivered value?

Valuecracy - let Validated Value steer your organization

Peter Koning Door: Peter Koning,  13-02-2014
Onderwerp: Validated value  agile  Product Owner  

Bureaucracy, adhocracy, democracy or holacracy? What is the best way to improve the value delivered to your customers? How can you get feedback so you can improve on it? I’ve searched for a long time for a proper way to lead an organization to improve the value really delivered to their customers. Everybody knows that a higher value increases revenue and sustainability of organizations. Valuecracy is of course not an official word (yet) but it sets the focus of an organization externally, it sets the mindset towards the customers. I’ll explain it in more detail below. Let’s brainstorm together on the best way to lead an organization! Give me feedback (by email, by leaving remarks, by hitting the twitter buttons) and I will improve this article with your valuable feedback! If this happens, it’s a proof that Valuecracy works!