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Onderwerp: Windows Azure

Application insights in VS online and Azure

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  12-01-2015
Onderwerp: ASP.NET  Windows Azure  

With ASP.NET application Insights it’s now very easy to collect operation, performance and usage information in your ASP.NET web applications. With the data provided by application insights you can quickly detect and  act on performance and availability issues.
You can add application insights to your project from visual studio with the combination of an Azure account. Application insights option can be added when you create a project Read more...

IAAS – Hosting your website in Azure VM

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  07-01-2015
Onderwerp: Windows Azure  Infrastructure as a service  

Hosting your website on a Windows Azure VM is as easy as doing it on your own infrastructure. Compared to the private setup, all it needs is couple of additional steps involving creating endpoints and copying your content to the VM. The following tutorial demonstrates how to quickly provision and setup a web server in an Azure Virtual Machine. Read more..

DSC - Extending to Azure virtual machines

Prajeesh Prathap Door: Prajeesh Prathap,  25-12-2014
Onderwerp: DSC  Windows Azure  PowerShell  

Being a fan of PowerShell DSC, and have seen the ease and benefits of DSC, I wanted to test the extensions on my Azure infrastructure. To use DSC on your Azure VM’s you need to install the Azure PowerShell SDK on the VM. Once you have installed the SDK, you can create an authentication for the subscription by using the Azure AD.