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Agile Cockpit, a Scrum tool that makes the necessary evil slightly less evil.

Twan van de Waerdt Door: Twan van de Waerdt,  03-04-2013
Onderwerp: agile cockpit  

The Agile Manifesto clearly states that people and interactions should be chosen over processes and tools. There is a tweet that pops up in my Twitter timeline every now and then that boils down to something like:

"Hey, guys! I found this new agile tool! It's called "writing shit down, and then fucking doing it".

So I guess most tend to agree with the Agile Manifesto. In some cases, however, you just can’t live without processes or tools. This blog posts focusses on our experience with the latter.
When we started working with distributed Agile teams several years ago (seven in fact, a couple of weeks ago) we soon experienced this fact first-hand. Sticky notes on the wall are the best possible tool for keeping track of a Sprint’s progress, but when the team members are located thousands of miles apart (or even dozens, distance doesn’t really matter after a certain point), things quickly turn ugly. How do you use two physical Scrum boards and try to keep those in sync? How do you manage the Sprint and Product Backlog? How do you make sure communication between team members is as easy as it is in a co-located team? How do you make sure all resources and meetings are open to everyone? How do you ensure that cultural differences causes a minimal amount of problems? How do you make sure that the progress, or lack thereof, is transparent? You could fill a book with these issues (in fact we’re in the process of doing so).