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The 4 most successful ways to let test automation FAIL

Marco Kroonwijk Door: Marco Kroonwijk,  08-09-2015
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So … your organization has just decided to embark on a test automation journey. You are going to automate all your manual regression testing efforts with this magnificent automation tool that drives your application. It tests just like any manual tester would do, but without the lag of the actual human normally associated with the task. The tool vendor demoed a way to record the test activities and replay them automagically to the management team, and they are all excited about the ease of use (and potential cost reduction).

A few months later, reality has kicked-in. Your test automation project has come to a grinding halt. What happened? 

Characteristics of a Great Development Team

Barry Overeem Door: Barry Overeem,  19-06-2015
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This week I wrote an article about the characteristics of a great Product Owner. It gave me the idea to do the same for the Development Team and Scrum Master. This blog post focuses on the Development Team; I'll describe the characteristics, skills and conditions.