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Watch left, watch right, and watch that bus!

Martijn Dehing Door: Martijn Dehing,  30-03-2015
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At the last Sprint Review meeting the Scrum team presented their latest product. Some features were not ready so the Development Team, together with the Product Owner, decided not to show these to the stakeholders. “What is the reason that new report we were so desperately longing for is not in?” Patricia from sales asked. “Well, the feature was not finished so we decided to leave it out” replied Neil, one of the developers. “Ok, it was the most important feature of the sprint! Was there any specific reason why it is not finished?” “Simon had some family-related issues so he was not in half of the sprint, and because he has the knowledge we were unable to finish it on time. But hey, we delivered something else instead!” Neil replied.

In traditional organizations people are pushed more to become specialists and to have focus, alone and heroically, on one tough topic. Everyone wants to feel special, and these local hero’s certainly get a lot of attention, questions and are asked for that meeting where those important decisions are made! Is this what it feels to be Superman? Is this what the organization needs?