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The Power of the Edge Theory

Guus Verweij Door: Guus Verweij,  16-02-2017
Onderwerp: Agile Coach  Coaching  gedrag  Habits  High Performing Teams  personal growth  

The team I’m coaching at this moment is a distributed team over Holland and England and have just started to work with Scrum. They have put up a sequence to meet each other every month face-to-face to develop as a team. In January they had their first regular get together in Utrecht.

The American Dream at Prowareness

Maarten Kossen Door: Maarten Kossen,  08-02-2017
Onderwerp: prowareness  personal growth  

I am in the very luxurious position to work at an amazing company called Prowareness. Prowareness is a company where you can make your 'American Dream' come true and I'd like to tell you more about that.