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Starting TDD with legacy code

Harm Pauw Door: Harm Pauw,  13-12-2016
Onderwerp: TDD  Craftsmanship  refactoring  

One of the questions people that want to start with Test Driven Development ask regularly is: “I find starting with TDD on an existing project hard. How do you get old legacy code testable?”. Unfortunately, one of the most common answers to that question is: “You just have to begin and take small steps.” And while the answer has truth in it, it’s also a much too simple answer that doesn’t really help you to start. How come and what is a better answer to the question on how to start?

Clean up the kitchen!

Martijn Dehing Door: Martijn Dehing,  11-02-2015
Onderwerp: refactoring  Craftsmanship  improvement  Testing  unit testing  zelfsturende teams  

Upon entering the room of team ‘Someone Else Broke It’ the negative energy was immediately noticeable. The tension was present from the utter silence within the room. It was like walking onto a cemetery. Glancing at the team happiness metric on the wall showed an obvious decline in motivation and drive. Both the customer happiness and the team velocity followed this negative trend. The only line that seemed to go up was the defect trend line…. This team seemed in serious trouble. What was going on here?