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Risk Adjusted Burn-up Chart

Melvin Nijholt Door: Melvin Nijholt,  16-12-2013
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Burn-up charts are used by Scrum Teams to visualize the progress towards a specific goal. This goal can be anything that can be measured over time. For example the scope of the next release or towards project completion. It helps Scrum teams to focus on the goal and creates the ability to make adjustments when the goal get out of reach. 

A few weeks ago I was introducing a release burn-up chart at a customer to visualize the current state of the release progress. They wanted to use this to make an estimation on the chance to finish all the planned features. So I created a default burn-up chart with the sprints on the x-axis and the number of story points on the y-axis. I added a line with the total number of story points of all the features in the release to visualize the goal and a line with the amount of story point finished to create the burn-up.