Continuous Delivery Training


More and more organisations are looking into Continuous Delivery these days, basicly because a reliable and fast delivery process is more important than it ever was before. Continuous Delivery helps organisations to move from a manual, time-consuming and error-prone to a fully automated and repeatable delivery process. Continuous Delivery is increasinglybecoming the next step that teams have to adopt in their Agile Maturity process.

Taking steps towards Continuous Delivery is not easy and teams are confronted with challenges that require them to really think out-of-the-box. This course will not only help team members to really understand what Continuous Delivery is and what it can mean for them, but it also provides hands-on experience in building a Continuous Delivery pipeline. During the 5 day course using a fictitious case where we want to implement a delivery pipeline for. We will discuss the theoretical aspects of Continuous Delivery right before or during the implementation. This to really understand the concepts and help you to become a Continuous Delivery Expert.

The tooling and examples used during this training are available for the Microsoft Visuals Studio and open source platform for example:

  • Visual Studio IDE
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
      • Microsoft Test Manager
        • TFS Release Management
          • Powershell DSC
            • Git
              • Jenkins
                • Sonar
                  • Maven
                    • Puppet
                      • Nexus/Artifactory

                      • Programma

                        Module I

                        Continuous Delivery Training

                         Day 1 - Continuous Delivery Overview & Mindset

                        • What & Why
                          • Introduction & Principles of Continuous Delivery
                            • Agile Development Practices
                              • Tooling

                              • Module II

                                Continuous Delivery Training

                                 Day 2 - Continuous Integration

                                • Introduction to Continuous Integration
                                  • Building a Continuous Integration Environment
                                    • Define the Build Work flow
                                      • Reporting

                                      • Continuous Delivery Training

                                         Day 3 - Implementing a Deployment process

                                        • Overview of a Release Management Process
                                          • Creating the deployment package
                                            • Release Work flow
                                              • Integrate Automated Testing
                                                • Roll-back principles

                                                • Continuous Delivery Training

                                                   Day 4 - Environment Provisioning

                                                  • Setting up the provisioning environment
                                                    • Setting up environments on demand
                                                      • Deployment Patterns
                                                        • Setting up a complete release pipeline

                                                        • Continuous Delivery Training

                                                           Day 5 - Continuous Delivery Dashboards

                                                          • Reporting
                                                            • Continuous Feedback loop
                                                              • Next Steps

                                                              • Please note that this is a high-level outline of the course and that the day-to-day topics are subject to change.


                                                                This course is meant for developers, testers and system engineers that are planning to set more steps to a Continuous Delivery enviroment.

                                                                Deelname en inschrijving

                                                                In overlegIn overlegIn companyAanvragen / Info-
                                                                09:00 - 17:00Delft (Module 1 and 2 .NET)GeslotenEur 2595
                                                                09:00 - 17:00Delft (Module 1)GeslotenEur 495
                                                                09:00 - 17:00Delft (Introductie Continuous Delivery)GeslotenEur 495
                                                                09:00 - 17:00Delft (JAVA)GeslotenEur 2295
                                                                09:00 - 17:00Delft (.NET)GeslotenEur 2295


                                                                The course Continuous Delivery will take place in our main office in Delft. Address: Brassersplein 1, 2612 CT in Delft. We also provide the option for inhouse trainings.


                                                                For more information about our Agile Courses please contact our Agile Academy via or call 015-241 18 00.