Masterclass - Leading Agile Transformations


You are responsible for an Agile transformation, or will be in the (near) future. Your company is in the journey to become a fast responsive enterprise and you are one of the key persons leading that change. Introducing Agility and making an enterprise responsive, is not an overnight change and you have many questions and are looking for practical cases and examples. Luckily you are not the first to go through this process. Much experience is becoming available on how to do such transformations. In this 2½ day masterclass we address the most important questions that arise before or during such a transformation. Furthermore, we will give plenty of real life cases and examples to work as your templates.

The questions you have

  • How do I convince my stakeholders that we have no choice and must move towards being Agile and responsive?
    • Where and how do I start such a transformation; what preconditions must I focus on?
      • How do I organize a transformation, what type of people do I need to involve?
        • What is the impact towards existing processes and guidelines and how can I introduce a different way of working without completely losing control?
          • How can business and IT lead this change together and where can I find the necessary product owners?
            • What is the best strategy to come up with a new organizational structure; how does a blueprint of an Agile organization look like?
              • How to change governance models to support the Agile way of working?
                • How can I measure progress during an Agile transformation; what are success KPI’s?

                • This masterclass on Leading Agile Transformations is intended for executives and (program) managers that are leading agile transformations. The masterclass does not cover the (introductory) details of Agile and Scrum, but answers questions related to the change, the journey towards Agile, and all operational and execution aspects to make such a transformation successful.

                  After the 2½ day masterclass

                  • You have learned practices and examples from the 100+ Agile transformations that have already been executed in practice.
                    • You have an approach for leading and steering the change.
                      • You know the preconditions to scale successfully on team, departmental and enterprise level.
                        • You have a plan for your transformation: with detailed actions for the first weeks, and a direction for the future.
                          • You have a roadmap for enterprise responsiveness that goes far beyond starting Agile/Scrum teams.
                            • You have learned how to lead an Agile transformation with different levels of control/new controls.
                              • You have exchanged experiences with other participants and learned their specific situation and concerns.
                              • Trainer

                                This masterclass is given by Henk Jan Huizer and Rini van Solingen, and will also involve guest speakers (from industry). Henk Jan and Rini coached, consulted and lead more than 50 Agile transformations in for example: ING, T-Mobile, Tele2, ANWB, CSC, Delta Lloyd, ADP, and many more. Both trainers are on the leadership team of Prowareness; a company that employs over 30 full-time Agile implementation consultants and has more than 25 Agile software engineering teams. Both trainers have made all possible mistakes, fell down, crawled up, got smacked, celebrated victories, learned practices that work and that don’t, understood what works in certain settings and what doesn’t. Their experiences are shared throughout this whole masterclass.

                                Henk Jan is Consultant and Agile Coach with Prowareness and Certified Scrum Trainer and Agility Path Engagement Manager with From his experience as Developer, Product and Project Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Henk Jan has a broad perspective on Software and Product Development. As a consultant and technical lead at Prowareness he helps organizations to make the transition to Agility, which he has done in: ING, Tele2, Raet, CoolBlue, FloraHolland, PGGM, Exact, and many more. Henk Jan is currently working on a book on Agile Transformations (with Rini).

                                Rini van Solingen is the CTO of Prowareness, a Netherlands based international company that delivers Agile development teams, consultancy and training services. At Prowareness he supports his customers in fast delivery of working and tested software. He has lead a number of large Agile transformations as a strategy coach and consultant, in for example: ING, ANWB, Raet, Tele2, Delta Lloyd, CRV, ADP, and more. He is also a part-time full professor in Global Software Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Rini is author of the books: The Power of Scrum (with Jeff Sutherland and Eelco Rustenburg), and Scrum for Managers (with Rob van Lanen), and is currently writing the book: Leading Agile Transformations (with Henk Jan Huizer).


                                The masterclass will exist of a number of workshop formats, presentations, exercises, working on your own plan, lectures from guest speakers, and more. This masterclass is of a highly interactive nature, as the experiences and questions from the participants form an important part of the program itself.

                                The masterclass has an intensive agenda that also includes evening hours:

                                • Wednesday: 15:00 - 21:00 (followed by dinner)
                                  • Thursday: 8:30 - 21:00 (followed by dinner)
                                    • Friday: 8:30 - 15:00

                                    • Wednesday evening

                                      • Part I – Introduction
                                      • Introduction of the participants and getting to know each other. Why agile transformations? What makes agile transformations so complex and difficult? Who owns the transformation? How to change the leadership? What is the influence of urgency on a transformation? Why is an experiment friendly/failure embracing culture crucial, and how to establish that? What does this mean for the (middle) management?

                                        Thursday morning

                                        • Part II – Transformation Planning
                                        • What transformation strategy to use? Revolutionary or evolutionary? Top-down or bottom-up? Demand-driven or supply-driven? How to create an Agile transformation plan?

                                          Thursday afternoon

                                          • Part III – The organization structure
                                          • How to create a blueprint structure for large organizations? What is the needed level of organizational upfront design? How to redesign roles and responsibilities? How to organize project, program and portfolio management in the blueprint? When to select a specific scaling method (e.g. SAFe)?
                                            • Part III – The transformation team
                                            • How to organize the transformation team, Who are the members of the transformation team? How does the way of working of this team look like? How to organize coaching and consultancy? A program-driven or line-driven transformation team? How to organize education and knowledge sharing? Why is education crucial? Why you need communities, chapters and guilds?

                                              Thursday evening

                                              • Part IV – Transformation Execution
                                              • How to visualize and track progress? Why visualization of progress is important? Which progress indicators are useful and which not? Why distinguish between outcome KPI’s and output KPI’s? How does maturity growth look like and what to expect and focus on? How to organize communication for Agile transformations?
                                                • Part V – Team kick off
                                                • How to launch Agile teams? Why a directive team launching approach works best? What are the key-constraints for launching teams? When and how to give more freedom to teams?

                                                  Friday morning

                                                  • Part VI – Governance and Anchoring
                                                  • How to change the governance structures during a transformation? Why adapt governance structures? How to bring Agility into budgeting? How to bring Agility into project and program management? How to bring Agility into portfolio management? How to bring Agility into risk and compliancy? What is the impact for suppliers and vendors?
                                                    • Part VII – The Human Dimension
                                                    • How to address culture, attitude and behavior? Why is the cultural dimension crucial? Why Agile transformations start at the leadership level? How to establish supportive leadership? How can stop-the-line establish an Agile culture? How to make Agile culture a recurring topic? How to change knowledge and competence management (HRM)? Why HRM is an important governance component? How to bring Agility into HRM? How is the performance cycle impacted by Agility? What is the role of communities?

                                                      Friday afternoon

                                                      • Part VIII – Wrap up and closure
                                                      • When is the transformation finished? What is the expected outcome? How to prevent falling back when finished? Does an Agile transformation really end? Why an explicit final celebration to a transformation is needed? Final questions?


                                                        To make this masterclass valuable we expect participants to meet the following requirements
                                                        • Holds a management position/has significant line management or program management experience (5+ years).
                                                          • Practical experience in working in agile environment (1 year).
                                                            • Experience in change management, program management or other transformation leadership experiences.
                                                              • Basic scrum and agile knowledge (at least passed the PSM1 or PSPO1 examination, PSM2/PSPO2 knowledge level is strongly recommended).
                                                              • Deelname en inschrijving

                                                                In overlegIn overlegIn companyAanvragen / Info-
                                                                15:00 - 21:00AmsterdamGeslotenEur 2495
                                                                15:00 - 21:00AmsterdamGeslotenEur 2495
                                                                15:00 - 21:00AmsterdamGeslotenEur 2495
                                                                15:00 - 21:00Amsterdam GeslotenEur 2495


                                                                The Masterclass - Leading Agile Transformations will take place in Amsterdam. We will provide you with all the information you need on short notice.


                                                                For more information about the Masterclass - Leading Agile Transformations please contact our Agile Academy via of telefoonnummer 015 - 241 18 00.