“What effect does Agile and Scrum have on our HRM processes\department?”, is a
question that we often get in our job as Agile consultants. Recently even more than ever before.
It makes sense that nowadays also the HRM departments gets confronted with Agile, and asks
questions what it really means for them. Where Agile and Scrum have become mainstream in IT [1]
other disciplines in an organization are still struggling with the Agile adoption. At first, traditional HRM
is often one of the disciplines that is not involved in an Agile transition. The contrary should be the case,
however. Our experiences has taught us that HRM should play an important role during any transition.
HRM is at its’ core one of the disciplines that strongly focuses on establishing and maintaining a
corporate culture. Real change, and that is what Agile does, focuses strongly on the cultural dimension
too. As such, HRM should be involved as a change agent and governing function for the new Agile
culture, mindset and behaviors.
This whitepaper is a summary of our experiences with the adoption of Agile with relation to Human Resource Management.

You want to read the whole whitepaper?
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