Do you want to inspire your team with a product vision, or do you try to convince your organization that a certain change is needed? It is easy to put some information together on a slide, but more is needed to bring a message across that really sticks and has an impact.

Prepare your presentation as a story

Movie directors often create a story board to visualize the story of a film. They create drawings of each scene and put them on a board. By rearranging and improving the scenes, the director can refine the story and make it more powerful.

This technique can also very well be applied to presentations. Each slide is basically one scene in your story. Move around the slides and the information on them, until your deck helps you telling the story you want to present.

A useful trick is to change the title of the slide to a sentence, so all the sentences combined form the message you want to bring across.

Start with the main message

If your audience understands the big picture in the beginning of the presentation, they can relate all the other information to this. This helps the audience evaluate your arguments, and increases the chances that your message sticks and has a high impact.

Make your presentation appealing

Slides with too much text are hard to digest. You help your audience by limiting the number of words you use, and by using pictures or diagrams. Using graphs can also be a great way to support your argument by facts.

After having done all this, and preferably some rehearsal, it is time to shine and to present your story with passion! Good luck!


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